What Is Corporate Housing and Corporate Apartments? Who Uses It?

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What are corporate apartments? How do they work?

Corporate working Professionals have always found themselves traveling around different places of the world for a variety of corporate purposes. It is a constant job for them to do. Often, these people need to stay for some time in the new city which was seemed to be expensive in regard of hotel accommodation in old days.

However, as time changes, accommodations have also changed their ways; and now a traveler doesn’t need to rely on a hotel stay only. At present, corporate serviced apartments are in a huge demand for most people traveling to other cities or countries for their individual needs. This type of accommodations is also known as extended-stay apartments and was particularly designed to benefit corporate travelers on both short-term and long-term stay arrangements.

This type of accommodation offers the employees a great source of flexibility when it comes to payment options. They are able to pay a monthly cost or send the bills directly to their firms. No doubt, corporate serviced apartments aim at helping company employees, travelers and renters worry less about small things and focus on their work ahead. Working away from a home town can be exciting and also slightly depressing for a contracted employee.

If a contacted employee is coming from any part of India, the idea of staying at a hotel for months can be a completely foreign idea. Corporate housing has been the norm for contracted employees. A small corporate housing room or apartment can add some normalcy to an extended stay employee’s time. Purchasing food from a farmers market and then going home to make a meal could be a simple pleasure that keeps spirits up. It could also be a healthier lifestyle. Long term stays in a hotel room may not provide a normal home experience.

Corporate Housing Success Stories

The idea of corporate housing was introduced in 1997 when the requirement of lodges and the significant rise in hotel stay costs led the companies to choose this particular type of housing offering them approximately 25 percent to 40 percent savings on accommodations for their employees’ stay for Job and business trip. These savings depend on the location of the housing that a company opts for their individuals.

At present, most travelers and companies no longer choose cramped hotel rooms stay and settle for ordinary services after they have found serviced apartments that are fully furnished with modern furnishings and latest home appliances so that they feel they are staying at a home far from their home.

These types of corporate housing offer renters to opt for their required room type from a single bedroom to a 3-bedroom unit which allows them to bring their families along if they want to have a pleasant vacation besides fulfilling their business tasks. Like other employees, traveling contractors also admire the setup and cost-efficiency of these serviced apartments. Furthermore, they feel relaxed and unwind while staying in an ideal environmental which also helps increase their productivity.

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